Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How to buy hallmark jewellery and avail excellent services?

It sounds amazing that the contemporary jewellers are not thriving upon the ages-old sales techniques. Rather, they are trying to woo new customers with exceptional value added services as well.

In this era where designs speak louder than words, you are simply spoilt for choice with regards to stunning gold jewellery. But at the same time, you must concentrate equally on the quality and purity being offered to you. The one word substituting both of these is hallmarking. Hallmark gold jewellery is the best investment for you. Why?

Hallmarking is done by Bureau of Indian Standards. It is the mark representing the true purity of any gold jewel. Luckily, modern buyers pay extra heed to this purity assurance and prefer buying their jewellery from showrooms selling only 100% hallmark gold jewellery

How to know if a jewel is hallmarked?

This is the first thing that comes to your mind. But never mind! There are 5 easy signs present on every hallmarked item. These are:

1. Logo of BIS
2. Mark of hallmarking centre
3. Logo of jeweller
4. Purity of gold
5. Year of hallmarking

Now, is hallmarking all that you seek while investing your hard earned money in these precious jewels? If not, check out the services offered by the jeweller for sustaining longer life of your treasured ornaments. These services may be:

Free jewellery polishing services for keeping their lustrous shine intact forever.
Free cleaning and minor repairing services to keep them in good shape.
Customized jewellery designing to give them your desired design.

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